Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Basement Apartment

Sorry that I have been a slacker with updating my blog.   It has been like 9 months????   I have lived in one other place but I just had to move because of certain circumstances.  
I love attempting to have dinner parties and making my home feel like home.....  
Here are some pictures of my place....
 Keep in mind that the wall color came with the rental and the writing on the wall.

I like the paintings on the wall because its places where I have been....

I got this heinous orange chair from my last place.      

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zions National Park

Well like a month ago I went down to St. George, UT becasue for a number of reasons which are school was off before summer school started, visit my Grandparents,  visit my Mom for like 2 days because she came to visit the parents and Arejay & Lindsay were coming down too.   We had a lot of fun like hike through Zions National Park and we actually played 18-hole golf.  We played at Coral Canyon.  It was $50 bucks for 2 peopel that included the golf cart.  It typical runs like $100.  It is a fun sport but tiring.  The weather was perfect down there. 



I was on a tear with blogging but with finals, going to Europe, starting summer school and adjusting to a new job, Sears.   The first blog after a about month is the trip that I took with my brother (Mark) and his wife (Karen) and my Mom.   I had the opportunity to tag-a-long.  We were gone from April 3 - April 12.   It was almost 3 weeks before finals.  My Professors were so supported of me to take the trip.     

We went to London for about 2-3 days and Paris for about a week.   I love the fashion and old world feel of London.   Visiting other countries gives you perspective and appreciation for history like how important it is to understand how we are here.  I want to go back soon.   I was able to see a London Play, Chicago...   I love to see the different cultures and the diversity that was in London.  It was fun to ride the tube (metro)...

Lover's Hands by Auguste Rodine
Favorite exhibit

Paris was breathetaking especially being able to in front of and standing by the effel tower.   It was surreal.  Paris has so much rich history.  From the Louvre to the Westminster Abby (the place where Prince William and Kate were married).   It was great to see the country side of France and to travel to Normandy.   My assumption of the French are that they tend to be more serious about there food.  A greater appreciation for the Armed Forces that sacrifice so much to protect our freedom and country.   It was a real eye opener.    It was great to see a friend that was nanny in France that last year, Renee Bush.  I need to go back becuase there is so much to do and see.   


It trip was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Decorations

The collage represents first focus on the Savior then a Prophet for guidance that can lead your family.                                (Cliche and Corny????)

To be able to get in-state tution. I had to give my California plates up.     : (

 I got this pictures in Paris.  It cost my .80 euro so equivlant to $1.20 (give or take)
The picture frame came with matting.  I purchased at Roberts Craft store (like JoAnne's Fabric) I got there rewards card.  The frames it self were 30% off and the card gave me additional 40% off each so all together two frames were like $22.

I rearranged the furniture in the living room for the last dinner party.  I just added those pictures. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Fools

I had a huge dinner of a collage of friends from mostly Fountain Valley/ HB and a few from this region.  The FV/HB crew all came up for conference.   I wanted to see if I could host a massive dinner party.   It was Friday, April Fools!!!   I had it on that day because the next day I was going to go out of the country (blog about that soon).   

Meal consisted of an appetizer of beef stack tomatoes with a slice of mozzarella cheese and a dash of Italian seasoning.   I made Rhodes Rolls (I felt the last Rhodes Rolls that I made were better).  Salad was a regular salad mix.  I added spinach, mandarin oranges, strawberries, roasted nuts and wonton strips.   Main dish was a roast but because I invited so many I had two roasts.

         Presentation would have been better if I took the picture before everyone started eating....

                                 Salad looked wonderful with I added all the fixings!!!

THANKS FOR COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Utah Fashion Violations

The last couple of months I have been noticing the fashion or what people wear.  I did it in London and Paris.  I love the sophiscation of dress in London.  The fashion is different from the other parts of the world but if it was the same then I would dress up.  Well, like a business casual style.  Maybe I should??????   I can be a trend setter but I am not looking to do that.  But anyways I don't have a problem with the dress in these countries but I think there might be a dilemna on our hands in Utah.

I love the modern fit with untraditional style of suit pattern
I do not understand why individuals would wear a BYU hat to Utah Valley University (UVU).  Another reoccurring incident is Utah Utes shirt on campus.  I understand that you like other schools either go attend the school or show some school spirit at the school that you attend.  I like many schools like UCLA and USC (Local Pride) but if I attended USC.  I would not wear a UCLA shirt to school.  Would you wear UCLA attire to USC???  NO, you would not..... (The example can go with any rival school or sports team) 
Mandals - Never Cool
Don't wear anywhere besides residence or BYU's campus
(I would try to take pictures but it would take too long and I don't want to be obivious) 

     I like BYU but show school spirit when you are attending other campus or wear it at your residence, BYU or a party...     

I love how it is freezing outside and there is young man that is wearing shorts and tee shirt.  I cannot bag on that too much becuase I have known to do that (Keep in mind, I was in Southern California).

Typical outfit if someone dares to wear if cold
DISCLAIMER:  I am not to trying to hurt anyone's feelings nor mock anyone

Monday, March 7, 2011

Karina's Baby Shower

One of my best friends, Greg and his wife Karina are having a baby girl.  I took the opportunity to host a baby shower.  It was super fun with the exception that I would have loved more people to come and support Karina.   
It was so fun to shop for a few decorations (I say a few because I have to keep some masculinity).   I mostly enjoyed thinking of what food to have and making the electronic invitations courtesy of

The drink was Sprite and added skittles to add color and flair.....

Appetizers were a deli platter with three meats (pepperoni, turkey and salami) and three cheeses (pepper jack, provolone and colby).......

Also, a fruit platter with strawberries, grapes & apples. My friend, Lindsay, created a delicious fruit dip.

Dessert was cookies and cinnamon rolls???????

I FORGOT to put out cream puffs...........
I loved thinking of the food and games to play.  

These are the girls that came to support Karina.....    

Lindsay huge help!!!!!!

The game picture was baby food testing.  The prize of the most right was fruit snacks. 

The game that was played was diaper changing race.  Objectives: identify chocolate, use diaper wipe, apply baby powder and put on diaper...

I love how Alicia did not put on the diaper properly........

Thank you Karina for letting me host your baby shower.......

DISCLAIMER:  Remember this the first baby shower that I hosted.