Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I was on a tear with blogging but with finals, going to Europe, starting summer school and adjusting to a new job, Sears.   The first blog after a about month is the trip that I took with my brother (Mark) and his wife (Karen) and my Mom.   I had the opportunity to tag-a-long.  We were gone from April 3 - April 12.   It was almost 3 weeks before finals.  My Professors were so supported of me to take the trip.     

We went to London for about 2-3 days and Paris for about a week.   I love the fashion and old world feel of London.   Visiting other countries gives you perspective and appreciation for history like how important it is to understand how we are here.  I want to go back soon.   I was able to see a London Play, Chicago...   I love to see the different cultures and the diversity that was in London.  It was fun to ride the tube (metro)...

Lover's Hands by Auguste Rodine
Favorite exhibit

Paris was breathetaking especially being able to in front of and standing by the effel tower.   It was surreal.  Paris has so much rich history.  From the Louvre to the Westminster Abby (the place where Prince William and Kate were married).   It was great to see the country side of France and to travel to Normandy.   My assumption of the French are that they tend to be more serious about there food.  A greater appreciation for the Armed Forces that sacrifice so much to protect our freedom and country.   It was a real eye opener.    It was great to see a friend that was nanny in France that last year, Renee Bush.  I need to go back becuase there is so much to do and see.   


It trip was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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