Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Utah Fashion Violations

The last couple of months I have been noticing the fashion or what people wear.  I did it in London and Paris.  I love the sophiscation of dress in London.  The fashion is different from the other parts of the world but if it was the same then I would dress up.  Well, like a business casual style.  Maybe I should??????   I can be a trend setter but I am not looking to do that.  But anyways I don't have a problem with the dress in these countries but I think there might be a dilemna on our hands in Utah.

I love the modern fit with untraditional style of suit pattern
I do not understand why individuals would wear a BYU hat to Utah Valley University (UVU).  Another reoccurring incident is Utah Utes shirt on campus.  I understand that you like other schools either go attend the school or show some school spirit at the school that you attend.  I like many schools like UCLA and USC (Local Pride) but if I attended USC.  I would not wear a UCLA shirt to school.  Would you wear UCLA attire to USC???  NO, you would not..... (The example can go with any rival school or sports team) 
Mandals - Never Cool
Don't wear anywhere besides residence or BYU's campus
(I would try to take pictures but it would take too long and I don't want to be obivious) 

     I like BYU but show school spirit when you are attending other campus or wear it at your residence, BYU or a party...     

I love how it is freezing outside and there is young man that is wearing shorts and tee shirt.  I cannot bag on that too much becuase I have known to do that (Keep in mind, I was in Southern California).

Typical outfit if someone dares to wear if cold
DISCLAIMER:  I am not to trying to hurt anyone's feelings nor mock anyone

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  1. Love this! Mandals! Ha ha ha! I think you make some very apt points here! Good job, John.